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Code coverage for Bash

You should check out these coverage examples - it's worth a thousand words:


$ gem install bashcov


$ bashcov --help prints all available options. Here are some examples:

$ bashcov ./
$ bashcov --skip-uncovered ./
$ bashcov -- ./ --some --flags
$ bashcov --skip-uncovered -- ./ --some --flags can be a mere Bash script or typically your CI script. Bashcov will keep track of all executed scripts.

Then it will create a directory named ./coverage/ containing nice HTML files. Open ./coverage/index.html to browse the coverage report.

SimpleCov integration

You can take great advantage of SimpleCov by adding a .simplecov file in your project's root (like this). See SimpleCov README for more information.


Bug reports and patches are most welcome. See the contribution guidelines.