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Why yet yet another fork of the Bépo layout?

Indeed, Bépo rules:

  • Dvorak way
  • optimised for French typing

But, it also sucks:

  • not handy at all for English typing
    • W poorly placed
    • the typographic apostrophe with AltGr [FIXME]
  • not handy at all for programming
    • < & > with AltGr
    • [ & ] too far in the digits row + with AltGr [FIXME]
    • / too far in the digits row [FIXME]

That’s why I try some changes with bepode. Yeah, it’s an awful portmanteau word between bepo and code and I haven’t taken the time to find a better name for now.

Disclaimer: This layout is primarily designed for a TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard so it may not be optimised for a non ergonomic staggered keyboard inherited from old writing machines ;).

Here are the differences with the official Bépo layout:

  • < & > swapped with « & »
  • w key swapped with the ^ one
  • to be continued…

EDIT: paused for now, some foxy Vim mappings do the trick as well…

noremap « <
noremap < «
noremap! « <
noremap! < «

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