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A collection of shell scripts I use on a semi-regular basis.

  • cp_p – cp command with a progress bar
  • dead-symlinks – Seeks and prints dead symlinks recursively
  • fix-perms – Sets the UGO permissions to 755 for directories and 644 for files recursively
  • git-dirty – Displays Git status of the repositories in the current directory
  • git-get-branch – Displays the current Git branch (with dirty status) if any
  • google-translate – Translates parameters using Google Translate Ajax API
  • music-find-aliens – Helps you to clean up your music directory
  • music-find-duplicates – Interactive MP3 duplicates cleaner
  • quodlibet-del-current-song – Moves the song played in Quodlibet to trash (or to $TRASH_DIR)
  • remove-old-kernels – Removes old kernels on Fedora
  • ssh-tunnel – Sets up a SSH tunnel to a given host:port in order to bypass some firewalls ;)
  • vga – Turn on/off VGA output

All files in this repository are distributed under GPLv3, enjoy!