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Bitcoin Cookbook

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This cookbook downloads, installs and configures Bitcoin as a full node.



In order to actively contribute to the Bitcoin network, you will need to open your TCP port 8333. This cookbook does not make sure your port 8333 is open since this is very much dependant on your networking setup.


Comparison table

recipe: package binary source
supported distributions RHEL & CentOS any any
supported architectures x86_64 & aarch64 x86_64 any
supported variants ABC, Core & XT ABC, Core & Unlimited (Cash) ABC, Core & Unlimited (Cash)

The matrix of supported configurations can be found there.

You must select a Bitcoin fork/variant using node['bitcoin']['variant'] = 'foobar'.

The valid variants are abc, bucash, core, unlimited, and xt.

bitcoin::package recipe

Configures repository from and installs pre-packaged binary with bitcoin systemd service.

bitcoin::binary recipe

Downloads the binary and copies it along with an systemd service script.

bitcoin::source recipe

Downloads the release from GitHub and compiles it along with an systemd service script.

Caution: you'll need at least 1 GB of free RAM to compile it (setting make_options to -j1 can help too).