devilicious / v1.0.0

Tree @v1.0.0 (Download .tar.gz)


Disclaimer: Do not expect to make money with this program.

This RubyGem is just an experiment to find out whether or not there are (still) arbitrage opportunities across Bitcoin markets (as of August 2014).

Spoiler: Meh, not really.

Supported exchanges are:

  • Kraken (EUR)
  • BitcoinDe (EUR)
  • BTCE (EUR)
  • HitBTC (EUR)
  • Bitcurex (EUR)
  • Bitstamp (USD)
  • BitNZ (NZD)

I've been running it for a couple of days and my findings are:

  • the best volume to trade is usually in the 1 to 5 bitcoins range
  • you won't make more than €30/$40 even trading when the price is on a rollercoaster (specifically mid August 2014)
  • you'll need to trade 3+ bitcoins to make those 40 bucks
  • in order to trade across a bunch of markets, you'll need to have a lot of funds in every exchanges (since you want to buy/sell at the same time)
  • high frequency trading might work out better but fuck that, it just adds noise to the blockchain

Disclaimer #2: This code is quite crappy.

This is a just-for-fun quick-and-dirty not-optimized-at-all pretty-dumb program. Worst of all, it doesn't even have tests!

Disclaimer #3: Obviously, use this program at your own risks!


gem install devilicious


devilicious --help is your friend.

Example: devilicious -f Table -m 2 -b 30