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LaTeX templates

LaTeX is probably the best way to produce nice-looking documents but you often find yourself cargo-culting your templates for each document. This repository aims to provide clean and well-commented templates to get started in a breeze. Each template includes a handy .gitignore and a Makefile so you just need to type make in order to generate the PDF.


If you don't already have a working environment to compile LaTeX documents, here are quick instructions to install the requirements.

Arch Linux

Install the package texlive-core for the essentials or the group texlive-most to get everything.


Since Fedora 18, TeX Live 2012 is part of the mainline distribution and can be installed with the package texlive. Additional packages are available and are usually named texlive-{package}.

Mac OS

The recommenced way is to use MacTeX which is a redistribution of TeX Live packaged for Mac OS.

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