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Trappisto is a block explorer designed primarily to explore the Decred blockchain. It aims to:

  • have a simple interface
  • be mobile-friendly
  • always display the latest data (the page is refreshed automatically thanks to web sockets)
  • be fully usable with keyboard shortcuts only (no mouse required) (work in progress)
  • not drown the user with too much technical information (a handy link to is available if you need more details)

Support for other coins than DCR

Trappisto has experimental support for BTC and BCH. Both coins provide a similar JSON RPC API with the exception of the searchrawtransactions command. This means it is not possible to browse addresses as we have no way to retrieve transactions for a particular address. However it is possible to explore blocks and transactions.

To configure Trappisto for a different coin, you will need to adjust file.index: [ 'index-dcr.html' ] in h2o.conf.

What does Trappisto mean?

TRAPPIST-1 is a planetary system located 12 parsecs away from the Solar system. But before we get to explore another planetary system, we can explore our very own blockchain in the Solar system and since the number zero is preceding one: TRAPPIST-1 -> TRAPPIST-0 -> TRAPPIST0 -> Trappist0 -> Trappisto. Yeah I know.



npm i -g elm
npm i -g elm-test
npm i -g uglify-js




make test


make dcrd
make h2o